In the past few days, adherents of the the mediaeval death cult, also known as Islam, the religion of peace, have slaughtered and injured over one hundred people in a nightclub in Orlando, Florida and executed a Canadian hostage they picked up at a marina in the southern Philippines. The rest of the world has acted with predictable horror. The Pope and the President of the United States have both appeared in public, wringing their hands, decrying these events. Liberal, professional multi-culturists from all over have likewise deplored the killings but have been at pains to point out that such activities are in no way reflective of one of the world’s most beautiful religions.  Notable, at the time of writing, has been the complete silence on the part of muftis, mullahs, imams and other leaders of this marvellous system of thought and living, denouncing such activities and proclaiming loud and clear that the murderers are not part of their world view or representative of their religion. Does this imply tacit endorsement of such activities? Whether it does or it doesn't, the time has surely come for all to realise that violent, life hating followers of this death cult have become a bloody nuisance. 

Over eighty schools in the United Kingdom have announced policies allowing children of either sex or of none to wear female or male clothing as they choose. Apparently, it is considered vital that they learn that sex and gender are not simple binaries and that individuals should be encouraged to be 'gender fluid’. Sanctions are promised against kids who mock little boys(?) wearing skirts or frocks. Our social scientists are leading us all down very strange and puzzling paths in the interests of inclusiveness and community cohesion. 

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David Amies


June 15 2016