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Happy New Year to all regular readers. The observant will notice that I have changed the title of my blog page. In future, my articles will be Reflections rather than Polemics. It is time for a change of mood. Instead of an editorial page there will be one called Objects and Subjects. I purloined this title from an excellent novel entitled The Paper Palace by Robert Harling, which dealt with the original Irish troubles that led to the formation of the Irish Free State about 100 years ago. I had intended to change the look of the pages but found that would involve a lot of fiddling about and time, better spent on writing rather than cosmetics. I shall try to put up a new post twice a month.

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Am I missing the point?

Greetings  from our fundamentalist friends

A few days before Christmas, an Islamic fundamentalist toe rag commandeered a large truck, shot the driver then drove the vehicle into a Christmas market where scores of people were milling about and enjoying themselves. He managed to kill a dozen or so right there and then and to hospitalise many more suffering from serious injuries. He fled on foot and managed to get to northern Italy where he was confronted by the local police and killed in a shootout. Early on New Year’s Day, another toe rag burst into a fashionable nightclub in Istanbul and sprayed its patrons with bullets from a machine gun. His score was around forty dead and another eighty hospitalised. The gunmen escaped and the Turkish authorities are in hot pursuit. I sincerely hope they catch him alive for I would like to imagine him languishing in some dank Turkish prison for the rest of his days being fed on pork sausages, while he contemplates the error of his ways. Noticeable, after all of this mayhem, is the thunderous silence from ‘true Muslims’ about these outrages.

Racial profiling

 On New Year’s Day, 2016 a large number of women in Cologne’s main square were molested by several men described as having a North African appearance. If you remember, Germany had recently opened its borders and allowed a large number of unsorted refugees to enter the country. Naturally there was a good deal of outrage over the incident. Fearing that the same might take place this year, the authorities deployed a large number of police and paid particular attention to the activities of young men who looked as if they may have a Middle Eastern or North African background. Inevitably, loud cries about racial profiling were heard. What on earth did the  protesters expect: close attention to old, white men pushing Zimmer frames? Oh, and by the way, the Cologne experience has been repeated in Innsbruck a couple of days ago.

David Amies


January 5, 2017