Latest piece: “Why we hate you and why we fight you." 

The Rio games have come and gone. As usual, the team from the USA was far and away the most successful In terms of medals won - 121. The second best team, oddly enough, was that from the United Kingdom, winning sixty-seven medals of which twenty-seven were gold. In keeping with British tradition,  many of the successful competitors will figure in the New Year’s Honours list. We can, therefore, expect to see Lord Mo Farah and Sir Alistair Brownlee, among many others. 

In the wake of the Nice terrorist attack, several French seaside towns have banned the wearing of the ‘burkini’, an extremely ugly, one-piece garment that modest Muslim women wear to go swimming. The reasons given for the ban concern infringement of women’s rights and thoughts that it represents enslavement of women by conservative Islam. There have been scenes of armed policemen forcing women to remove part of the garment. Appeals to the administrative court are taking place to get a ruling on the legitimacy of such bans. Seems to me that the only possible reason for objecting to the use of these garments is aesthetic and not legal.

There are a couple of very confused middle-aged men in rural Afghanistan. One, the father of a six year-old girl, is  in the pokey for selling her to an imam for a  goat, a sack of flour and some oil, and the other, the imam, also in jail, for marrying her.  Now what is a good, faithful Muslim to do for after all these guys were merely following the example of the Prophet – peace be upon him – who pulled the same stunt? Muhammed was the perfect man, faultless and an example to the faithful, and today, you follow in his footsteps and you end up in clink.   By the way, the imam claims that the little girl was a religious offering, so that ought to settle it. ’Tain’t fair.

Latest piece: "Why we hate you and why we fight you.

David Amies,


August 25 2016