A pair of very interesting elections have taken place during the past couple of weeks. In the United Kingdom, a general election that was forecast to result in a hung parliament by all the pundits, resulted in a majority government for the Conservative Party, led by Mr Cameron. His party increased its number of MPs and now has almost one hundred more than those held by the Labour Party. Three party leaders resigned following the results. It is hard to see how the Labour Party of Great Britain can return to power for several years. The UK operates a ‘first past the post’ system in its elections and this has resulted in several anomalies. The UKIP party scored several million votes and managed to elect one member. The Scottish Nationalists attracted about half that number and rewarded with over fifty members. Does not seem quite right, somehow.

In Alberta  Canada, the New Democratic Party, a left of centre outfit, overthrew a conservative dynasty that had reigned just about unopposed since 1971. The New Democrats obtained over fifty seats and the long ruling conservatives a mere ten. Its leader threw in the towel and resigned as premier, leader of his party and also his newly won seat before the count was finished. His behaviour reminded me of the little boy who was bowled out in a backyard cricket game and was so upset that he took his bat, ball and the stumps home all the while moaning that he was not going to play any more. The Wild Rose Party of Alberta picked up twenty seats and have become the official opposition. This lot are well to the right of Attila the Hun and make Ronald Reagan and Maggie Thatcher look like pussy cats. 

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David Amies,

Lethbridge, AB

May 16th 2015