A new look for this blog. I took the summer off to complete the writing of my memoir and am delighted to say that the writing is finished. Now comes the hard part. Some wag once pointed out that writing was easy. The hard part was the re-writing. So, I have to go through the manuscript to hunt down the typos, shonky punctuation, clichés, shopworn phrases, qualifiers and the passive voice. Once they have all been pruned, I can publish and hope to do that by October 18th - my 80th birthday.

I considered building an entirely new webpage, but settled instead on a new look: different font,  new template and a little colour. As far as content is concerned, I intend to use the first person occasionally. Polemics written only in the the third person can sound a little detached. I am not sure whether I shall post a new topic every week. After all, I am retired and should not be having to meet deadlines; especially self-imposed ones. 

There have been a number of events around the World worth writing about in the past three months. I am going to begin with a few thoughts about antisemitism. During the recent fracas over Gaza, many Jew haters crept out from their hidey-holes to give vent to their emotions. 

I hope everyone enjoyed the summer. I did.


David Amies


 August 31st 2104