I have been very busy during the last few days putting the finishing touches to my second book and getting it ready for publication. As you can see, it is called Priests, Prophets, Politicians, People and Protests. ( No prizes for guessing why the front cover is adorned by a peapod.) I have taken what I consider are the best articles I have published on my blog during the past almost ten years, polished them up, tried my very best to eliminate all typos, errors and grammatical infelicities, and put them into a book. (I was surprised to discover that the book weighs in at just under five hundred pages! Perhaps I have not been strict enough with my red pencil.) It is available as an eBook and as a soft cover version – both from that kindly Mr Amazon. 

Book of Ps -  cover 2

I have produced two books in less than a year and now intend to go much more slowly. I have a dystopian novel on the blocks and have managed ten thousand words so far. I shall complete it in due course but do not intend to give myself any deadlines and just let it evolve. If it appears by the end of the year, bully for both it and me. If not, so what? 

I may have remarked previously that writing a book is somewhat like going through a prolonged and painful illness. That observation is not original and I first caught sight of something similar in an essay by George Orwell. Today, we can employ computers to cut and paste, re-order, edit and so on. Imagine how hard it all was when manuscripts were just that – something written by hand. While writing Priests, Politicians etc, it occurred to me that the title had five elements. By then, the book was almost finished and it had been written in five chapters whose titles did not correspond at all to the overall title of the whole book. It seemed to make sense to change things around and name each chapter after one of the elements of the principal title. Some serious cutting and pasting was called for! Before the days of computers,  I would have had to re-write the book. Instead, I undertook some major mouse clicking and voilà, it was done. 

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David Amies


April 18th 2015