The Fall, here in Lethbridge, is unsually mild. The leaves have all turned golden and many have been blown off the trees. The longer the warmth hangs on, the less cold there is to come in the winter.

Much turmoil is afoot across the World. Arabs are busily slaughtering one another in the Middle East. A very unpleasant epidemic is taking hold in West Africa. Stock prices, commodity prices and gold are all taking a hit. Some might say that humanity is being punished for turning from the paths of righteousness. Others would claim that it is just business as usual.

Pictures from West Africa are depressing. I left that region over fifty years ago and not much seems to have changed. Liberia, a country much afflicted by the Ebola crisis, has one hundred and fifty doctors to cope with a population of several million. What has been going on? It seems that it will be up to the West to bring this epidemic under control.  

The latest piece: A dog’s breakfast.

David Amies,

October 18th 2014