Latest piece: Trumped

Altogether now!

 "The TRUMPet  shall sound and the dead shall be raised, incorruptible!” (G F Handel, The Messiah)

Happy to report that the health problems that were assailing Pat and I are waning. Pat has doffed her rigid collar and is told that her neck has healed. My plumbing is behaving itself and the malign effects of the surgery are receeding. I am, by any reasonable measure, an old man. Can’t argue with eighty-two years. Until my recent adventures, I never felt like one. I am pleased to report that a degree of spryness is returning.

A young women from Britain, on holiday in Dubai, went to the local police and reported that she had been raped by two British male tourists. The police arrested her and charged her with having sex outside marriage. She faces imprisonment, flogging or death by stoning. Now I know that it is most impolite to report negatively about the kultcher(sic) of others but there appears to be something inherently unhinged about a society that responds in such a manner to a raped woman.  

Latest piece: Trumped

David Amies

November 18, 2016