Dave’s Polemics


The year is moving on quickly. My first group of students has nearly completed its first term. New, additional groups arrive at the beginning of the next three weeks. when all have arrived, there will be about forty eight of them. My retirement, due at the end of June 2012 is not widely known but will be announced very soon. So far, no replacement has been found.

Sarah, our eldest daughter, has just returned to Canada after spending a very pleasant four weeks with us. She was persuaded to give an address to the staff and students on Refugee settlement in Canada, about which topic,  she has become an expert. Her presentation was very well received and it was most impressive.

The owners of the rather posh premises that we have been babysitting since mid-August last year, are due to return soon and we have to move out to a local resort for our last few weeks. We still have a month or two to enjoy before catching that plane.

This edition’s rant is entitled, ‘Quackery’ and can be read by going to the link.


Objects and Subjects

‘What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence’ (Christopher Hitchens,)

‘Religion is seen by the common people as true, by the wise as untrue, and by the rulers as useful.’ (Seneca the Younger)

‘Religion is merely organised panic in the face of death’ (Anonymous)